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Google: Future Expectations

March 5, 2006 speculates on some services we may see soon:

Google seems near the launch of a long-anticipated calendar program. A link to a product called “CL2: A calendar for you and the world” was discovered over the weekend, though it is no longer accessible. A Web-based calendar program from Google would represent another threat to Microsoft, whose dominant Outlook e-mail includes a calendar feature.

And speculation has spiked again that Google is close to unveiling a personal finance site that could rival Yahoo!’s premier destination. Search Engine Journal found over the weekend that its Web site was getting Web traffic referrals from stock ticker queries that came from, a site that Google doesn’t make available to outsiders.


2005 Year-End Google Zeitgeist

December 23, 2005

Google pubished 2005 Year-End Google Zeitgeist: – Top Gainers of 2005
1. Myspace
2. Ares
3. Baidu
4. wikipedia
5. orkut
6. iTunes
7. Sky News
8. World of Warcraft
9. Green Day
10. Leonardo da Vinci
Froogle – Top Searches in 2005
1. ipod
2. digital camera
3. mp3 player
4. ipod mini
5. psp
6. laptop
7. xbox
8. ipod shuffle
9. computer desk
10. ipod nano

SUBJECT MATTERS: Why Google did not pursue

December 10, 2005

My first reaction to this particular news was a great surprise. To be honest it was long time since my last try to use Yahoo services (not counting newly purchased ones). For my personal perception as an end user (as well as techy guy) is kind of Web 2.0 service I associated with my experience of using rather those by Google, not by Yahoo. That is why I am not happy as a user to learn about this deal. As much as I was not happy to learn some time ago that Flickr and then Skype was landed at Yahoo.

So why does Google miss such obvious opportunities and let them sneak out to one of its major competitors? The only answer I can found is that it did not matched Google’s strategy.

From its very beginning Google is known to offer innovative services of high quality. And these services were always based on its technologies, originally developed or seldom purchased. As far as I remember Google sometimes bought technologies but never established services or products with its companies, brands etc.

The answer as I see it lies at the fact that such purchased products or services are to be integrated into existing service set. And again from what we know, ‘to be integrated’ for Google means to be seamlessly integrated, including such pieces as look-and-feel and data storage. Not an easy thing to do with established service and tons of existing users, is it?

Google was one of pioneers in new approach to its customers. And as I might guess it prefers to refuse from just adding newly purchased and poorly integrated service to its service pool and either develop on its own or even stick to what it has at moment. Not to forget Google Labs as natural source of Google’s new offerings. It seems indicative that the very same day Yahoo bought Goodle added webclips functionality to its Gmail.

Approach is worthy of respect. Still… I miss having Flickr, Skype and at Google’s stock. Should I eventually create my Yahoo account now? Or should I go for Furl?

Updated: As I was corrected be reader, Skype actually was bought by Ebay, not Yahoo. Sorry for the mistake.